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Repair Or Replace Your Roof?
What to Consider When Deciding

The decision to repair or replace a roof is often straightforward, but most people tend to ignore the signs and refuse to accept that it is finally time to move on. Here is what you need to make a decision.

Frequency of repairs

Do you have your roofer’s phone number on speed dial? This situation is a sure sign that your roof repairs have become too frequent. If you are dealing with curling, buckling, bald, missing, and blistering shingles often, your roof is nearing its end. 

However, do not be quick to make that call. Invite a roof installation expert to do roof inspection and assessment. The expert will break down the extent and cost of repair compared to a new roof installation.

Cost of repairs and replacement parts

If your normal roof fixes become extensive and expensive repair projects, a replacement will be prudent. You should reconsider your normal roof maintenance and inspection if the roof is below 15 years. Maybe you are not doing enough. As you continue doing patchworks repeatedly, the roof will end up with patches all over.

Overall, look at your repair costs over a year. If the budget is significant enough, a new roof could give you some much-needed break.

General status of the roof

You may also need to check the general state of the roof. Check for sagging roofs, leaks, and physical damages resulting from storms, snow, and tree damage. If you have active roof insurance or a warranty, you may use this to get a roof makeover.

You may consider temporary roof solutions such as roof tarps and roof wraps. Such solutions are ideal for roofs that have extensive damage, and you don’t have the budget to replace them. However, you have to hire a roofing service to perform these emergency roofing repair solutions for your residential or commercial building.

The age of the roof

As the roof continues to age, expect it to demand more repairs, cost more in replacement parts, require more frequent maintenance and inspection rounds, and so on. All these will be costly. When a roof starts to demand emergency repairs more often, it is time to ask for that roof replacement estimate for your roofing expert near you.

Determining weather or not you should replace or repair your roof takes much consideration. Our Experts are available every step of the way. Call today to receive your free roofing estimate.